5 Direct Mail Tips

Direct mail marketing can be a very effective technique for gaining new sales, whether from new or current customers.  It has been the preferred method of advertising for many large companies, and that is not going to change anytime soon.

1). Research is your friend – leverage what you know about your customer base
By knowing who your target market is and just targeting them, you can increase your success rate dramatically. If you send out 10,000 advertisements for a retirement village and 5,000 of them go to twenty somethings, your success rate is going to be very low. Contrarily, if you send them to people 60 and over, your success rate is going to be astronomical.

2). Slow and steady wins the race
It is important to remember that the most effective direct mail campaigns, are just that, campaigns. The more times a consumer sees your service or product, the more likely they are going to convert into one of your customers. A one time shot in the dark mailer is simply not going to be effective. Go ahead and plan on doing more than one mailing to see the best results.

3). Crunch The Numbers
Determine how much budget you have for this project and prepare accordingly. For example, if you have the budget for a 10,000 piece mailing, break those up into five different mailings of 2,500 pieces. This will be much more effective in the long run, cost less up front, and return high dividends. Especially if you pay attention to tip 1.

4). Determine mail piece size
Print houses make money based on the amount of printing that they do, so they will encourage you to print large fliers and advertisements. However, in many cases, it may be more beneficial to print postcards and hit a larger target audience. If you are planning on sending out 6 mailings, start with postcards for the first 3. As your revenue increases, you could easily create a larger mailing piece for the last 3 mailings.

5). Style is not a good substitute for substance
Graphic artists are great, but you should never substitute the substance of your advertising message for style. Substance is what sells. The substance of a message: “We have the largest selection of wedding dresses in Atlanta at the best price” carries more weight than just some nice graphics of a wedding dress.

Ultimately, you want to give your substance with style. The advertisement should catch someones attention, but the message should stick with them.  The only exception to this rule is if you are selling style. For example, an advertisement for a graphic artist better be top notch graphics, because the graphics are the message.

Overall, if you take the time to research your project and plan out your marketing strategy you will most likely be successful.