Atlanta Direct Mail Advertising a Simple Guide

Direct mail advertising is by far the most cost efficient method of getting your business in front of people to generate interest in your product or service. As opposed to other forms of advertising such as the yellow pages, you can actually generate new customers who have never even heard of your product or service before.

1. What Is Your Product

I know what your thinking, I already know what my product is. Well that’s great, but are you able to articulate your service or product in one sentence. Perhaps your business has several different offerings and micro-marketing would be more effective. For example, “I help people save money with energy efficient windows” is much more specific and effective than “I do home improvements”.  It is a good idea to micro-market your services in a mailer, so pick one service you offer and stick to it. Once you get the customer, you can always up sale them on your other services.

2. Who Buys Your Product

This is something we harp on constantly, but if you are targeting the wrong audience, you are not going to get a good response. Pay attention to the personalities of individuals you do business with. What is their background and culture? Create a profile of your customer so you know who you need to target with your Atlanta direct mail advertising.

3. Why Do Customers Buy Your Product Or Service

What is the greatest benefit offered to the person who buys your product. People want to know the benefit of your product or service, not just the features. If you can show them that their life will improve in some way, they will be more apt to buy. If all you do is list your features and do not show the benefits of the features, you will not have a successful Atlanta direct mail campaign.

4. How Are You Going To Reach Them

Would a five page personalized letter sent be more effective than a simple postcard.  Based upon the “Who” and the “Why”, what will peak your potential customer’s interest while building trust. Of course other factors come into play such as budget, but it is definitely worth your time to figure out how you are going to impact them.

5. Where Do Your Customer’s Live

Do they live in million dollar suburbs or do the live in midtown? You need to find out, because birds of a feather flock together. If you have customers concentrated in an area, you know that people in that area are interested in your product. So find out where that is. You can also simply break it down by income. Mailing services can help you with this or you can visit your tax assessors’ county website.

6. When Is The Best Time To Send Out Your Atlanta Direct Mail Advertising

It is best to start getting your name in front of your customers a couple of months before you hit the big season. For example, if you install swimming pools, send out two mailers in January, February and March. That will put you in front of your potential customer six times before the main season hits. In April, send out a mailer every week and you will see a big bang because the potential customers will remember your name and already be comfortable with your business.

Atlanta Direct Mail Advertising is an effective way to get your name out there and drum up some business, even when other companies are struggling. As long as you do your homework, you should get some great results. Happy Hunting!