Atlanta Mail House Better Letter Gets People to Visit Your Website!

Atlanta Mail House Better Letter Gets People to Visit Your Website!

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Man Working on a Responsive Web DesignWhen e-commerce websites fail to thrive, it is usually mediocre search engine optimization and poor website design that is to blame. Many small website-dependent businesses fail in these areas simply because they lack the budget. This is where direct mail marketing comes in.

Consumers tend to make the Internet a part of everything they do today. If it’s watching a TV show, they love checking the show out on the Internet on their smartphones or tablets even as they watch. Books are read in the same way.

When a business wishes to target such Internet-connected consumers, the dual-media approach can help. A piece of direct mail with an attractive message and an invitation to the company website can naturally play to their instincts. Consumers today love constantly moving between the offline world and the online one.

A simple invitation is enough

Direct mail that is intended to invite people to a website doesn’t need to be elaborate. Often, a simple printed Post-It note that’s ready can go on a laptop or refrigerator is all it takes. Since these invitations are standalone promotional devices whose sole reason to exist is to ask a consumer to visit a website, they tend to be more effective than advertisements in newspapers that are full of other advertisements. A dedicated advertising vehicle always has more credibility.

Direct mail is more memorable

Multiple research studies point to the fact that messages are more easily read and retained when they are on a physical medium rather than on a screen. In several ways, the brain sees images on screens as impermanent and less worthy of being taken seriously. Direct mail also offers sensory aids to memory that electronic methods of marketing cannot offer, touch and scent among them.

You get to include a small gift

One of the easiest ways to be successful with a website promotion direct mail campaign is to include a free key ring, pen or even a package of promotional paper napkins in the envelope. While these gifts cost little to provide, they stay with people for a long time, spreading their message each day. No matter how small it is, consumers have a hard time ignoring a freebie that just shows up in the mail. As long as it is a quality product, it’ll carry your message of website promotion for you,.

Direct mail is an excellent way to promote any product or service, websites included. Not only does it make great website traffic generation possible, you get results at very little outlay.

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