If you have approached your 2015 direct mail marketing strategy the same way you did 2014, 2013 and beyond, it’s time to think differently. Here are four new strategies to take in 2015 that will greatly benefit your direct mail marketing campaigns — and your profits. 

1. Segment Your Messages by Researching Your Customers

If you were speaking directly to a repeat customer and a new customer, you would likely use different messages for each. One needs education about your business to gain their interest while the other needs to know what’s new or innovative they can take advantage of. You have to view your direct-mail marketing approaches the same way. This begins with how you make and manage your list.
For 2015, improve your messages by dividing your list into three segments: current, past and future customers. You must then direct your mail messages accordingly.

2. Integrate Your Marketing Messages

When it comes to direct mail, e-mail and other advertising forms, it’s easy to take an “us versus them” approach where only one approach will do. The truth is, that integrating these techniques will strengthen your message overall. Even if it’s colors, a tagline or a special offer, you can use direct mail as a multiple-touch opportunity to reinforce or introduce a message.

3. Test Your Offers

While a direct mail coupon or special offer may seem compelling to you, how do you know the direct mail is compelling to your audience? The answer is that you ask them. This principle can easily tie back in with the integration concept. Perhaps you launch your e-mail campaign first. You can come back a few days later and poll your subscribers on if they received your first message and how they may have responded to it. Or you can simply use click-through’s and purchasing responses to help gauge its efficacy.
Now you have information at your fingertips. If the message was effective, great. You can continue your direct mail campaign. If not, consider re-tooling your messaging. Perhaps you can make it more focused on a certain segment or consider a slightly different offer that has proven effective in the past. Another approach is to move up your call to action or make it more prominent in a direct-mail piece. Learning from your audience and using them to guide your direct mail is much more likely to equal success.

4. Take a Good Assessment of Your Direct Mail

Direct mail is an investment — do your mailers reflect this? One of the worst things an advertiser can do is send out a piece of direct mail that looks inexpensive or cheap. While your goal may be to save your customers money, scrimping on the advertisement that will get them in the door is not the way to accomplish this. There are many ways to create a stand-out direct mail piece that makes an impression — and just as many ways not to. Evaluate your approach and consider other options available to you, such as switching up a postcard for a direct mail package with a letter.

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Source: http://www.chiefmarketer.com/top-5-tips-direct-mail-checklist-2015/

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Without a clear call to action, your direct mail campaign is unlikely to be successful. You must explain to recipients what they are expected to do if they are interested in your product or service. They may have to telephone to make an appointment, access your website, or visit your store. No matter what you want them to do, you must be sure to be explicit in your direct mail advertisement.

Don’t Be Coy

You know what steps you want your audience to take after reading your advertisement, so don’t be coy about asking them to take action. It is not enough simply to list your website address or telephone number in the communication. That will do little more than raise brand awareness. If you want to generate new business, you must clearly state the steps that your prospective customers must take next.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Ideally, you want your prospective customers to act immediately on reading your advertisement. The longer they wait, the less likely they are to call you, visit your website or come to your store. You can create a sense of urgency in your call to action by asking recipients to “call today.” Alternatively, you can include an offer or discount that has to be redeemed within a specific timeframe.

The Ideal Location

You can include a call to action at several points in your direct mail. It can be stated in the opening or closing paragraphs of your letter, as a P.S. at the end of the communication, in a highlighted box inserted beside the main body of text, or in bold text in the body of the letter. You should take some time to consider which locations will work best in the context of your advertising copy.

State Your Call to Action Often

You may want to include several calls to action in different locations. In reality, few recipients will read the entire communication. Including a call to action at the beginning of the communication can be vital to attract the attention of prospective customers who merely glance at the first few paragraphs. Including a call to action at the end can be useful as customers may skip there to find out what to do if they are interested in your offer.


Having a clearly stated call to action will increase the response rate from your direct mail campaign. It is worth spending time crafting an explicit, unambiguous call to action to ensure that customers know what is expected of them and are compelled to take action.

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Word Cloud "Direct Marketing"In a world where your potential and existing customers are bombarded with multiple marketing messages on a daily basis, it is vital that you do all that you can to ensure that your direct mail campaign catches their attention. Simply sending a standard letter in a plain envelope may not be enough to entice your prospective customers to purchase your products or services. Big brands that can spend thousands of pounds on creative consultants may be able to pull off spectacular direct marketing stunts, such as the cardboard record player sent out by Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions, a Vancouver-based sound engineering company. However, it is possible for small businesses to stand out be being creative and innovative in the design and advertising copy used in their direct mail campaign without exceeding their budgets.

Consumers Demand More from Direct Mail Campaigns

Over the years, consumers have become increasingly sophisticated. Many of them understand the way that marketing works and are alert for sales-speak. It is essential to be aware of this level of sophistication when pulling together your design and advertising copy for your direct mail campaign. Cheesy headlines such as “FREE MONEY” or “GET RICH QUICK” are likely to find their way into the garbage simply because the overblown claims are not believable. Take time to create innovative copy that will stand out from the crowd. For example, purposefully underselling your service in a quirky way could have customers keen to find out more.

Involve Your Audience

One way to engage potential customers is to involve them in solving a riddle or answering a question. For example, you could use the outside of your envelope or one side of a postcard to pose a question related to the service you provide. When you indicate that the answer can be found in the letter inside or on the reverse of the postcard, you can entice the recipient to continue reading to find out more. Keep the brain teaser or riddle a little bit challenging and as interesting as possible for maximum effect.

Use Visuals to Engage Customers

Attractive and quirky visuals can engage customers more quickly than words. By using an unusual image or presenting a visual brainteaser, you can grab the recipient’s attention and have them keen to find out more about the products or services on offer.


The mailboxes of your customers are stuffed full of mail that is competing for their attention. By being creative and innovative, you can ensure that your direct mail reaches the top of their must-read pile.

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We don’t often think of mail as a brand builder, but it is.

1. Begin at the end

First of all, let’s talk about metrics. Metrics are crucial to the success of any direct mail campaign, especially in a city like Atlanta, GA. A little forethought about the goals will ensure that your direct-mail campaign is a major success. Planning is everything. Define the criteria for measuring success by tracking cost per lead, response rate, and ROI.

2. Every single bit of the collected data is useful

Newly acquired prospects are always better. Warm leads are always preferable to cold leads. Has the prospect purchased recently? Good! Then this lead is warmer than just information seekers and cold leads. If you are buying a mailing list, always make sure that the data you pay for is recent, de-duped, cleansed, in compliance with all pertinent legislation, and flourishing with opportunity for the unique requirements of your business.

3. Be absolutely clear and honest about the benefits to your customer

The goods and services that you are offering is the next factor contributing to the success of any campaign. The hypothesis, proposal, or invitation must clearly state the features and the benefits to the customer. What is in it for them personally? This is where time-limited offers, freebies, or other benefits can tip the scales in your favor. Decide on one main benefit rather than throwing in too much information for the customer to focus on. Keep it simple. Make sure that you call them to some kind of action, i.e. buy now, call today, limited time offer, etc…

4. Make it personal

The personalization of the salutation of any direct mail letter is the best way to achieve a higher response rate. Further personalization, by integrating the customer’s name as well as other personal statistics throughout the copy, will tailor your offering to reflect the prospects current purchasing habits and patterns. One-to-one personalization translates directly into much higher response rates and ROI. Putting information personal and pertinent to them only makes your mail piece look more like correspondence, instead of looking like junk mail.

5. Design for the response you most desire

Optimize the design of your direct mail pieces for response. Offer customers a choice of response mechanisms and repeat them often. This will greatly increase the probability of rapid response, and cause it to increase exponentially. Adding extra inserts will often lift a response, and adding tangible vouchers with a clear monetary value can boost the response rate considerably, as well. Always, always, always repeat the offer and the expiration date to gently solicit action easily and irresistibly.

6. Optimize pre roll-out

Successful direct marketers test constantly. Testing pre-roll will always optimize the campaign before it even goes into production for the first run. Thus saving you time, frustration, and money. The responses from your targeted audience will help improve the mail piece and the mailing list, if they are given the opportunity to go through pre-roll testing. Allowing select customers to participate in pre-roll testing, can also greatly increase their sense of loyalty to your brand.

7. Do not overlook even the smallest detail

Careful oversight of fulfillment and mailing services is crucial. Make sure your documents are proofed and ready before sending to print. Make sure salutation fields and address fields all print properly as the document goes through the merge process. Make sure you supply all of the required data fields when you prep the data. Make sure the number of records you send over is the correct number from your master list. Verify everything. Insist on signing off on proofs, even for variable text merge documents. Demand to see samples with the variable text inserted and in its proper place. Make sure everything is producing and printing properly. Let multiple people proofread.

8. Test and then test again

The effectiveness of your direct mail campaign can always be perfected by testing and retesting. True test by making sure all elements other than the ones you are testing remain absolutely constant. Follow scientific protocols and use control groups for every test performed.
Timing, message clarity, creative effectiveness, response rate, and other criteria can easily be gauged through testing. Document every statistic and track the variables over multiple test mailings. Do not skip this step. It is imperative that you figure out what is working and what is not. Do not make assumptions. Test it.

9. Measure & evaluate

Measure results accurately and track your success factor-by-factor and campaign by campaign. This is how you will determine the cost per lead and ROI. This will help you budget accordingly for all of your marketing efforts. It pays to know the truth. And don’t ignore the truth.

10. Enjoy the fruit

Now that you have tested, evaluated, and executed your successful direct mail plan and enjoyed a very healthy ROI, you have all the tools you will need to confidently and proficiently pre-plan your next campaign. Always remember, direct mail is proactive rather than reactive.

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Direct Mail House Marietta GA Better LetterIf your business operates in the B2B space, getting in touch with high-level executives at businesses is likely to be vitally important to your success. These people have the decision making power that can turn business your way. Before you get to them, though, you have the task of getting past their executive assistants: people whose job it is to not let you through.

Executive assistants carefully filter email, voicemail and phone calls. They know that irrelevant email and pointless phone calls can be very annoying to their bosses. Direct mail, though, has a different quality and makes it past them to sit on the desks of the executives you want to reach. If you do even a reasonably good job targeting the right business executives with your marketing, they will be pleased to see your mail. Direct mail is rarely annoying the way email and phone calls tend to be.

You do need to work hard to make sure that your B2B direct mail message is as relevant as possible, though. How do you do this?

Make it a message from your CEO

Any piece of direct mail that you send to an important executive at a company should be a message straight from the most important person in your organization. You can try either a brochure with a message from your CEOs or a letter personally signed by him, with his phone number and picture. Coming from the CEO, your mail will likely to carry a lot of weight.

Make it a thick packet

In direct mail marketing lingo, thick mailers are called dimensional mail. A high quality envelope filled with informational material that have considerable heft is likely to be impressive and to get an executive’s attention. Some marketers try to be more creative. They send executives invitations to catered lunches, a set of golf clubs, a set of the best leadership and management books on the market — anything to get their attention. Whatever it costs, it’s usually worth it.

Using a great delivery service

When you’re targeting an important person with your marketing efforts, you don’t want to use regular mail. Sending your mailer out using FedEx or UPS Overnight can right away brand your mail as important. People can’t help but think that you have something very important to say when they see that your mailer in an impressive FedEx package.

Making sure that the information you offer is complete

Teaser copy may work with regular consumers. It will only annoy serious people in important positions. Whatever information you send out, it needs to be complete and in-depth.

The average high-level executive gets around 200 pieces of mail each week, or 40 pieces each day. With direct mail, you get to stand out.

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direct mail company suwanee gaDirect mail can offer a valuable, cost-effective way to market your business. However, before you embark on a direct mail campaign, it is important to take time to define your goals and targets. If you understand what you want to achieve before you begin your direct mail campaign, you will be able to measure whether or not it has been successful. By taking time to develop a direct mail strategy, you can be confident that you will remain in control of your marketing.

New or Existing Customers?

The first decision that you will need to make is whether you want to attract new customers or encourage existing customers to return and purchase additional products or services. The approach that you will take in your direct mail material will vary depending on which option you want to prioritize. You may want to introduce a heavily discounted offer for new customers to encourage them to make contact with you or come into your store for the first time. Alternatively, you could contact existing customers by direct mail to remind them of the high level of quality and service that you have provided in the past and highlight new offers.

Targeted Marketing

Direct mail campaign are most successful when they are targeted. If you are a local business, you may want to place a geographical restriction on your campaign to ensure that you are not wasting time, effort, and money trying to attract customers who are outwith the area that you serve. If your products or services are geared towards families, you may want to target households with children. By targeting your direct mail campaign, you can increase your response rates.

Evaluating Your Direct Mail Campaign

After your campaign is over, you should set aside time to evaluate it and decide whether it has been a success based on the goals that you set before you started. In this way, you can decide whether to repeat the same campaign. If it has not been as successful as you had hoped, you can identify the changes you need to make to implement a successful campaign in the future. You can measure your response rate by including a unique code on the marketing material that customers need to quote when they make contact with you. By tracking how many customers use this code, you can determine how much business has been generated by the campaign. If you have employees who will deal with customers on your behalf, ensure that you brief them to ask for the code while the campaign is live to ensure that your response rate measurements are accurate.