Direct Mail Company Conyers GA Better Letter Says Mail Marketing Can Work Better Than Email

Direct Mail Company Conyers GA Better Letter Says Mail Marketing Can Work Better Than Email

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6 Ways in Which Direct Mail Marketing Works Better Than Email MarketingTo marketers who put most of their budgets into electronic methods of reaching out to their customer base, direct mail marketing can seem old fashioned, expensive and laborious. It is none of these things, though. Not only does it achieve results that email marketing cannot, it offers better bang for the advertiser’s buck. Here are 6 important ways in which direct mail marketing turns out to be far superior to email marketing.

Direct mail helps you stand out

In the late 90s, people still received as much junk mail as ever. Since email marketing was still in its infancy, people didn’t mind a couple of marketing emails every now and then. Today, though, people are so swamped with marketing email that they dread looking at their inboxes. Surveys now find, on the other hand, that many consumers welcome physical mail. They don’t get to see much of it anymore. Since they receive little of it, they remember whatever they do get — and the businesses that send them.

Direct mail tends to feel more personal

According to a survey by the USPS, two out of three Americans see direct mail as more personal than marketing email. Email, to these people, feels disposable and mechanical. Anyone can send off thousands of them for next to no money. When people receive a well-done piece of direct mail, they feel that the company actually thinks about them. It’s easy for businesses to go even farther. Rather than send out email birthday greetings or Christmas greetings, they could send out paper cards. They are likely to feel much more personal.

Direct mail gets read sooner

To those born before the eighties, getting mail and opening it each day is a part of who they are. They’ve grown up with mail as an important part of the daily routine. Surveys by the USPS report that such people tend to be distressed when they don’t receive any mail. When they do receive it, they rush to open it. No one rushes to open marketing email messages.

Many people still like to refer to physical material to make decisions

To people who grew up depending on booklets, brochures and forms to make decisions, going with a business that lets them have such physical materials can be very tempting. A 35- or 40-year-old consumer who grew up making decisions based on physical materials is likely to pick a company that gives him such materials over one that doesn’t. Whether it is a car buying decision or a decision to pick a college, physical materials are likely to win with decision-makers. Marketers, then, should aim for direct mail when their customer base likes it better — even when they have email addresses.

Postal addresses are easier to come by

Street addresses tend to be much more freely available than email addresses. Marketers have access to various public records to find out where people live. Choosing direct mail, then, may sometimes be the only choice. When it comes to certain businesses like home repair, real estate sales and HVAC maintenance that need to cover entire neighborhoods with advertising, trying to find email addresses of each resident can be impossible. Direct mail may be the only option.

Direct mail does more than to simply send out brochures and letters

In many cases, businesses need to send out samples of their products or marketing materials — swatches, perfumes, bumper stickers, bookmarks, pens and so on. While e-mail may be cheaper and quicker than direct mail, it is also less capable when it comes to such convenience.

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