Direct Mail Company Macon GA Better Letter Shares How To Be Sure People Will Open Your Mail

Direct Mail Company Macon GA Better Letter Shares How To Be Sure People Will Open Your Mail

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How Can You Be Sure That People Will Actually Open Your Direct MailIt can’t matter how great the offers included in your direct mail are if people don’t open it at all. If you want your direct mail to always get opened, you need to do a few things differently. The tips here should help you get on the right track designing the mailers in your direct mail.

You need to offer excellent perceived value

People tend to find certain kinds of appearance irresistible in a piece of marketing mail. Bulk, size and weight usually make people believe that the contents are a must-see. Mailers that include items of some practical value — a simple flag, a pen, a fridge magnet or a bumper sticker with a clever message — are always opened. These items simply need to be visible through a window. Many people can’t see the point of letting something of use go to waste.

You need to make it look personal

No one will ever mistake a thick mailer for a personal letter from a friend. Nevertheless, the mind has a way of making you feel things that you know to not be true. Direct mail sent in an envelope that approximates the look of personal mail does get opened more. People feel better about such mail. Using a handwriting-style typeface and postage stamps instead of postage franking can help.

Make use of every inch of space available

An envelope offers a great deal of space that’s usually left to go to waste. Good, well-chosen messages that are likely to appeal to your target audience should always go on the unused space on your envelopes. It can also be an idea to put large glassine/cellophane windows in portions of the envelope to allow people a look inside. This way, recipients won’t have to actually open your envelopes to see some of the best of what you have to offer.

Focus hard on relevance

If you catch the right kind of customer at the right of time, you won’t need to worry at all about whether your mail will be opened. Doing your research to build a great mailing list full of relevant names, then, is the most important thing that you can do to make sure that your mail is opened.

Invest in clever copy

Rather than try to hit your audience over the head with loud offers and promises, you should consider investing in high-quality copy — both on the envelope and inside. Deep, clever lines that your audience never heard before are likely to impress them and to get them to pay attention to your mail.

Finally, consider mail that doesn’t need opening

Well-designed direct-mail postcards can work much better than expensive, thick envelopes simply because they don’t need to be opened. Colorful, beautifully designed postcards with well-thought-out marketing messages are often quickly read.

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