Direct Mail Marketing The Surest Way To Fail

Mailing Services Smyrna GA Better LetterWhen conducting direct mail marketing there is one sure way to fail, just fail to “ask”. In all the details of the marketing campaign from cost, design, printing and mailing it is easy to overlook one very important factor.

Mailing Services Smyrna GA

Have you ever received an advertisement or read an article that was very convincing? It caught your attention with a dynamic design. It conveyed good information about a product or service. However, you simply discarded the advertisement and went on to the next thing that got your attention. What happened? You were not asked to do anything, so you did nothing.

Strong Call To Action

It is important to give a strong call to action in any advertisement. Sometimes the call can be simple phrases like “Call Now” or “Buy Now”. Some others start out by giving subtle hints in the copy of the mail piece. Like, “check out our website” or “get a copy of our catalog”. By the end of the sales pitch however, the call to action must be strong in order to help people decide to purchase your product or service.

Give Me Some Direction

One of the reasons a call to action is so effective, is that consumers rely heavily upon what others tell them and respond to those suggestions. Position yourself to be one of those influences. Of course consciously, they would never rely on the sales piece to help them make that decision, however sub consciously that little bit of direction will spur them to take the next step.

To help understand the process lets break the steps to a converted sale down a little further.

  1. The consumer’s attention is caught by the mail piece. Perhaps it is the colors or pictures on the advertisement, or maybe it is a subject in which the consumer is interested.
  2. The consumer reads over the advertisement and is convinced how the product or service will be beneficial.
  3. A clear, simple call to action is given. The consumer sees the call and realizes that in order to enjoy the benefits the action must be taken.
  4. The consumer completes the action resulting in a sale or lead for your company.

It doesn’t matter if the color scheme and design of your mail piece is perfect and you outline the benefits of your product masterfully, if you do not give a call to action the process will be incomplete and you will not make the sale.  So if you want to make the most of your direct mail marketing, make sure you ask your potential customers for it specifically, over and over again.