Direct Mail: The Best Idea for B2B Marketers Aiming at Important Executives

Direct Mail: The Best Idea for B2B Marketers Aiming at Important Executives

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Direct Mail House Marietta GA Better LetterIf your business operates in the B2B space, getting in touch with high-level executives at businesses is likely to be vitally important to your success. These people have the decision making power that can turn business your way. Before you get to them, though, you have the task of getting past their executive assistants: people whose job it is to not let you through.

Executive assistants carefully filter email, voicemail and phone calls. They know that irrelevant email and pointless phone calls can be very annoying to their bosses. Direct mail, though, has a different quality and makes it past them to sit on the desks of the executives you want to reach. If you do even a reasonably good job targeting the right business executives with your marketing, they will be pleased to see your mail. Direct mail is rarely annoying the way email and phone calls tend to be.

You do need to work hard to make sure that your B2B direct mail message is as relevant as possible, though. How do you do this?

Make it a message from your CEO

Any piece of direct mail that you send to an important executive at a company should be a message straight from the most important person in your organization. You can try either a brochure with a message from your CEOs or a letter personally signed by him, with his phone number and picture. Coming from the CEO, your mail will likely to carry a lot of weight.

Make it a thick packet

In direct mail marketing lingo, thick mailers are called dimensional mail. A high quality envelope filled with informational material that have considerable heft is likely to be impressive and to get an executive’s attention. Some marketers try to be more creative. They send executives invitations to catered lunches, a set of golf clubs, a set of the best leadership and management books on the market — anything to get their attention. Whatever it costs, it’s usually worth it.

Using a great delivery service

When you’re targeting an important person with your marketing efforts, you don’t want to use regular mail. Sending your mailer out using FedEx or UPS Overnight can right away brand your mail as important. People can’t help but think that you have something very important to say when they see that your mailer in an impressive FedEx package.

Making sure that the information you offer is complete

Teaser copy may work with regular consumers. It will only annoy serious people in important positions. Whatever information you send out, it needs to be complete and in-depth.

The average high-level executive gets around 200 pieces of mail each week, or 40 pieces each day. With direct mail, you get to stand out.

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