Doing It Better! Better Letter Direct Mail Company Stockbridge GA

Doing It Better! Better Letter Direct Mail Company Stockbridge GA

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Doing it better..... - Direct Mail Company Stockbridge GABetter Letter Mailing Services, Inc. of Stockbridge GA is a full service print-to-mail production facility that serves the Atlanta GA area as well as the entire Southeast. This successful direct mail marketing company has been serving the Atlanta area for over 20 years. They pride themselves on making, what they affectionately call, a “better letter”. Their niche in the Atlanta GA direct mail advertising market is that they provide a quality direct mail product, at an extremely competitive price, with better customer service. Actually, the founder and president of Better Letter, Chuck Ekstedt, will not only insist that their level of service is “better”, but it is more likely to insist that it is the “best” in the industry.

Chuck founded this company in the basement of his home over 20 years ago, doing most of the work by hand. Now Better Letter occupies over 10,000 square feet of commercial real estate, employs graphic design professionals, data processing professionals, experienced production personnel, and every aspect of production is completely automated. Better Letter offers every direct mail service you would expect to receive from any professional direct mail marketing company. All of their mail production and print production is done in-house, right here in Atlanta. Not only that, but Chucks office is located directly next to the production area, with windows overlooking the entire operation. Even though Chuck is the President and Founding Officer, he keeps all elements of production very close. His philosophy on production is “Do it right the first time… NO MISTAKES.”. The quality control process is rigorous at Better Letter. Chuck will tell you himself, “Direct mail is extremely time sensitive… re-printing or re-running is not an option. It must be done right the first time, and mailed on-time… every time.”

This insistence on quality is why Chuck named the company Better Letter. “Excellent quality, in both production and customer service, is more of a journey than a destination. Everything can always be done better… always”.

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