Print to Mail vs. Digital Marketing?

direct mail company tucker gaIn this new digital era with an ever changing social-media landscape, the role of traditional print advertising continues to evolve. Direct mail has long been the undisputed king of targeted direct marketing. Print advertising is still one of dominant methods of communicating your companies message and offerings. Some have conjectured that the rise of the internet is diminishing the impact of direct mail. But it’s not so. In fact, there is now a huge market for using direct mail to drive potential customers and clients to their online resources, which is leading even more prospects to make a decision to interact with your organization. Professional direct mail services provided by a full-service mail marketing can help you target and dominate untouched markets in your local community. In fact, in terms of efficiency, use of direct mail to deliver your companies personal message or special offer can prove to provide a very high rate of return on the advertising investment.

Take a look at this example:

A fire and water damage client in Iowa landed one two-thousand dollar job within the first week of their direct mailer going out. They then landed a fifteen-thousand dollar annual contract from the very same mail piece. The owner told his employees over lunch that they should be thanking the direct mail company for all of the new business.

Data provided by the Direct Marketing Association supports the claim that direct mail is undeniably the reigning leader of all advertising. No other method of marketing can obtain new clients for a small business the way that direct mail does. Internet advertising cannot even compare. Direct mail has the ability to reach your specific target, and can also contact any person or people group via their mailbox. The personal touch that comes from direct mail is undoubtedly what mail marketing more compelling than a billboard, local newspaper, television, radio, or website. The ROI from direct mail is beats them all.

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