Four Outside-the-Box Tips for Atlanta’s Direct Mail Marketers

If you have approached your 2015 direct mail marketing strategy the same way you did 2014, 2013 and beyond, it’s time to think differently. Here are four new strategies to take in 2015 that will greatly benefit your direct mail marketing campaigns — and your profits.

1. Segment Your Messages by Researching Your Customers

If you were speaking directly to a repeat customer and a new customer, you would likely use different messages for each. One needs education about your business to gain their interest while the other needs to know what’s new or innovative they can take advantage of. You have to view your direct-mail marketing approaches the same way. This begins with how you make and manage your list.


For 2015, improve your messages by dividing your list into three segments:current, past and future customers. You must then direct your mail messages accordingly.

2. Integrate Your Marketing Messages

When it comes to direct mail, e-mail and other advertising forms, it’s easy to take an “us versus them” approach where only one approach will do. The truth is, that integrating these techniques will strengthen your message overall. Even if it’s colors, a tagline or a special offer, you can use direct mail as a multiple-touch opportunity to reinforce or introduce a message.

3. Test Your Offers

While a direct mail coupon or special offer may seem compelling to you, how do you know the direct mail is compelling to your audience? The answer is that you ask them. This principle can easily tie back in with the integration concept. Perhaps you launch your e-mail campaign first. You can come back a few days later and poll your subscribers on if they received your first message and how they may have responded to it. Or you can simply use click-through’s and purchasing responses to help gauge its efficacy.

Now you have information at your fingertips. If the message was effective, great. You can continue your direct mail campaign. If not, consider re-tooling your messaging. Perhaps you can make it more focused on a certain segment or consider a slightly different offer that has proven effective in the past. Another approach is to move up your call to action or make it more prominent in a direct-mail piece. Learning from your audience and using them to guide your direct mail is much more likely to equal success.

4. Take a Good Assessment of Your Direct Mail

Direct mail is an investment — do your mailers reflect this? One of the worst things an advertiser can do is send out a piece of direct mail that looks inexpensive or cheap. While your goal may be to save your customers money, scrimping on the advertisement that will get them in the door is not the way to accomplish this. There are many ways to create a stand-out direct mail piece that makes an impression — and just as many ways not to. Evaluate your approach and consider other options available to you, such as switching up a postcard for a direct mail package with a letter.

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