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Without a clear call to action, your direct mail campaign is unlikely to be successful. You must explain to recipients what they are expected to do if they are interested in your product or service. They may have to telephone to make an appointment, access your website, or visit your store. No matter what you want them to do, you must be sure to be explicit in your direct mail advertisement.

Don’t Be Coy

You know what steps you want your audience to take after reading your advertisement, so don’t be coy about asking them to take action. It is not enough simply to list your website address or telephone number in the communication. That will do little more than raise brand awareness. If you want to generate new business, you must clearly state the steps that your prospective customers must take next.


Create a Sense of Urgency

Ideally, you want your prospective customers to act immediately on reading your advertisement. The longer they wait, the less likely they are to call you, visit your website or come to your store. You can create a sense of urgency in your call to action by asking recipients to “call today.” Alternatively, you can include an offer or discount that has to be redeemed within a specific timeframe.

The Ideal Location

You can include a call to action at several points in your direct mail. It can be stated in the opening or closing paragraphs of your letter, as a P.S. at the end of the communication, in a highlighted box inserted beside the main body of text, or in bold text in the body of the letter. You should take some time to consider which locations will work best in the context of your advertising copy.

State Your Call to Action Often

You may want to include several calls to action in different locations. In reality, few recipients will read the entire communication. Including a call to action at the beginning of the communication can be vital to attract the attention of prospective customers who merely glance at the first few paragraphs. Including a call to action at the end can be useful as customers may skip there to find out what to do if they are interested in your offer.


Having a clearly stated call to action will increase the response rate from your direct mail campaign. It is worth spending time crafting an explicit, unambiguous call to action to ensure that customers know what is expected of them and are compelled to take action.

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