ROI In Direct Mail Marketing

Pinterest has an entire 369-pin hashtag dedicated to creative direct mail marketing, and for good reason. While e-mail can often have a one-dimensional feel, direct-mail marketing is something clients can feel, see and touch, which holds many opportunities for the right company that’s feeling an outside-the-box approach.

The initial objections to going beyond the standard direct mail postcard or other mailer (which definitely still have their place in the Atlanta direct mail marketing world) are often concerns about costs and then on return on investment (ROI).


The cautious direct mail marketer should take these facts into account, however, that were revealed in a February 2015 article from the Advertising Specialty Institute: One, that people prefer to receive direct mail over any other advertising medium and two, that direct mail costs per lead are roughly the same as e-mail and pay-per-click advertising.

Fun With Folds

Folding a direct mail piece in an intricate and eye-catching manner is one way companies call attention to their direct mailers. One company utilized a uniquely folded annual report that could be opened up from different aspects to review the company’s growth and projections for the year.

From accordion-style to origami-like folding, there are many techniques businesses can utilize to make folds work for them.

Activity Mailers

Sometimes giving a recipient a creative task to complete can more fully draw him or her into an advertiser’s mailer. One example is a mailer that is an envelope whose contents include a baggie full of puzzle pieces. When the puzzle is assembled, the recipient can read the advertiser’s message.

Another advertiser sent along a mailer envelope with a seemingly blank poster inside and a carbon-copy-like sheet material on the opposite side. When the user ran his or her hands up and down the poster, imprinted words appeared, reading “The Future Belongs to The Few Of Us Still Willing to Get Our Hands Dirty.” When directed to the right customer, this makes for pretty powerful messaging.

Sending along stickers or even flipbooks are two additional activity-driven mailers. Some advertisers also send along a pair of 3-D glasses the recipient has to put on in order to see the message contained within the mailer.

Gift-Giving Galore

While companies may not wish to spend their precious advertising dollars on an unknown customer or new lead, they may want to retain a customer using a gift, giving strategy. One company sent its clients Christmas-Teas, a pop-up box that appeared to have small Christmas trees sticking out of it. When the recipient lifts up the box, it is revealed that the Christmas trees are actually Christmas teas or tea bags.

Another gift-like direct mailer is a magnifying glass the user can continue to use, but that also enlarges the advertiser’s mini-message for easier reading.

Additional useful items can include matchbooks and even the standard coffee mug. Each of these gifts has lasting advertising capacity because ideally the recipient will keep the item and show it off to co-workers or family for some time to come.

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