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The personal level of service that every customer receives is what really sets Better Letter Mailing Services apart from other direct mailing companies. Their quality of service, their understanding of USPS rules and regulations, and their understanding of the direct mail industry is second to none. Better Letter holds themselves to the highest level of proficiency. And that level of proficiency stays high, no matter how large or how small the direct mail campaign is.



Mistakes are not an option at Better Letter. Better Letter processes each and every job with extreme caution and carefulness. When it comes to creating and managing direct mail campaigns, Better Letter meticulously ensures that everything is done right the first time, and every time.


Better Letter knows that every direct mail campaign is time sensitive. Whether or not the mail piece is promoting a special dated event or has an expiration date on the offer, it is still imperative that the mail piece hit at the correct time. Therefore every mail processing job is “Priority One: Mission Critical” as soon as it hits the production floor. Better Letter is known throughout the Atlanta business community for getting all of their direct mail marketing jobs done quickly, and done on-time… every time. Timeliness is always critical in the direct mail industry. No one knows this better than Better Letter.


Better Letter is also known for being able to handle urgent mail projects that have to be processed quickly and with little or no advance notice… RUSH JOBS. Also, if you started processing a direct mail campaign at another mail house and the job has gotten messed up and behind schedule, give Better Letter a call. They can usually take mail jobs that have been derailed somewhere else and fix them so that they can now be entered into the U.S. Postal Service mail stream. In fact, anytime you’ve got a mailing emergency, call Better Letter. Calling Better Letter is like calling 911. Better Letter’s expert consultants are available every day to make sure that your mail campaign is processed properly, expertly, and in compliance with all of the USPS standard mail preparation requirements.


Better Letter’s CASS Certified and PAVE Certified software systems and their USPS bulk mail processing expertise, ensures that your mailings receive the maximum presorted postage discounts on every mailing. Those discounts belong to you.


There are many advantages to letting Better Letter handle all of your graphic and printing services, in addition to handling your mailing services. The biggest advantage this gives you is that we have a full-time mail piece design analyst on staff in our graphic arts department. He can make sure that all of your mail pieces are designed and printed to meet all of the mail piece design criteria imposed by the U.S. Postal Service. Because we are a mailing service, many of our customers send us mailing projects that have been printed elsewhere. We are happy to process all of your mailing projects, regardless of where they were printed. However, sometimes those mail pieces show up unexpectedly on our dock, and once we inspect them it is clear to see that they violate one of more of the U.S. Postal Service’s Bulk Mail acceptance criteria. When that happens, the customer usually ends up having to pay more in postage. When your mail piece is not designed and printed properly, it may not qualify for the lower discounted rates, or worse yet, it may be deemed “un-mailable” and have to be reprinted. If we design and print your mail piece, then you know it will be correct every time.


We pride ourselves on providing you excellent mailing services. But as a full service lettershop, Better Letter also has the capability to handle all of your printing needs as well. Our full-service print shop can handle everything from letters, envelopes, and postcards, all the way up to full color brochures and catalogs. If you have any questions about mail piece design, or if you would like us to bid on your next printing job, please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will help you any way we can.


If you have an idea for a direct mailing project that you are considering, and you would like to get some idea as what it may cost to print and process, do not hesitate to call Better Letter. We would be delighted to put together a cost estimation for you at no charge. If some of the variables change, just let us know and we are happy to update your price quote to the most current mailing scenario at No Charge. We work for you.


We serve the entire Metro Atlanta area. If you have mailing materials thatyou need dropped off or picked up at your location, that is no problem. Justgive us a call and one of our friendly drivers will be out immediately to assist you.


Instead of giving up your precious office space to warehouse mounds of mailing material. Just keep it here at Better Letter. In fact, if you areusing an outside vendor for printing, just have your materials ship directlyto Better Letter. We will warehouse it here for you until you are ready to mail. No problem whatsoever. Just let us know what it is coming our way, and we will receive it, inventory it, and warehouse it.


Chuck Ekstedt is the owner, founder, and President of Better Letter Mailing Services, Inc. He holds office hours every day in the main production facility. He is available everyday M-F if you need to talk to an accountable person in the company. He is personally aware of every job that enters and leaves his company. If you ever need to speak to someone in a position of higher authority at the company, he is always available. His direct line is 678-565-9388 Ext 102 His direct email is: mailman@betterletter.biz His door is always open. Feel free to contact him anytime you have a concern.

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