Direct Mail Can Work Particularly Well In Specific Niches

Direct Mail Can Work Particularly Well In Specific Niches

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Direct Mail Can Work Particularly Well In Specific NichesDirect mail is a vital part of any marketing campaign. To truly achieve its potential, though, it needs to be designed and used intelligently. You need to know the kind of audiences that it works best with, and the kind of industries that the medium goes well with.

The industries that direct mail works best in

Local businesses like fitness centers, day care centers, plumbers, landscapers, real estate agents and florists need a way to reach out to consumers who don’t go online, and also to those who do but haven’t thought about opening marketing emails. Direct mail works very well for them.

Direct mail is also an excellent choice for businesses that need to build up their knowledge of the local community. Since recent developments in direct mail technology allow automated tracking in campaigns, it can be a valuable way for these businesses to collect consumer information.

While direct mail works very well for every industry, it tends to work particularly well for the healthcare industry and for nonprofits.

Healthcare services greatly depend on direct mail. When they need to market healthcare services for consumers with certain conditions that require discretion, direct mail is often the best way. Nonprofits need to elicit an emotional response from their audiences: they need sympathy and contributions. Direct mail tends to be effective in marketing situations that require the ability to touch someone emotionally.

The audiences that direct mail works best for

In the luxury goods industry, posts in social media, reviews by bloggers and email marketing attempts don’t work as well as they do in other markets. To begin, the vast majority of luxury consumers are not on social media. They also don’t research their purchases online because there isn’t an abundance of high-quality information available. They usually depend on luxury goods magazines, catalogs and high quality brochures.

Consumers over 50 are another segment not known to primarily depend on online methods when making buying decisions. Consumers in this group are used to seeking their information through conventional means — word-of-mouth, brochures and television. Direct mail works very well with them.

Marketers tend to believe that anyone under 35 is likely to be sufficiently familiar with electronic methods of information gathering to prefer email marketing. Research by marketing research group Epsilon Marketing, though, finds that the 18-35 group prefers to receive its information in print for certain kinds of products. Personal grooming products, food products and home cleaning products tend to work well in print with these audiences.

The types of content that direct mail works best with

In many markets, consumers expect personalization in the marketing communications they receive. They want more than to have these communications get their names right. They need to see marketers do their homework: to know the kind of equipment they have, their budget, their choices of brand and so on. While email marketing certainly can be personalized in this way, consumers tend to feel that direct mail is more personal than email. Attempts at personalized marketing go over better when it’s direct mail.

For marketing communications that include very clear calls to action — a single, specific offer, coupons aimed at specific, well targeted needs and so on — direct mail works very well. When people have a piece of paper in their hands with a simple, clear offer in printed form, they tend to respond very well to it.

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