Direct Mail Company Marietta GA Better Letter Encourages You To Make Your Direct Mail Campaign as Innovative as Possible

Direct Mail Company Marietta GA Better Letter Encourages You To Make Your Direct Mail Campaign as Innovative as Possible

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Word Cloud "Direct Marketing"In a world where your potential and existing customers are bombarded with multiple marketing messages on a daily basis, it is vital that you do all that you can to ensure that your direct mail campaign catches their attention. Simply sending a standard letter in a plain envelope may not be enough to entice your prospective customers to purchase your products or services. Big brands that can spend thousands of pounds on creative consultants may be able to pull off spectacular direct marketing stunts, such as the cardboard record player sent out by Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions, a Vancouver-based sound engineering company. However, it is possible for small businesses to stand out be being creative and innovative in the design and advertising copy used in their direct mail campaign without exceeding their budgets.

Consumers Demand More from Direct Mail Campaigns

Over the years, consumers have become increasingly sophisticated. Many of them understand the way that marketing works and are alert for sales-speak. It is essential to be aware of this level of sophistication when pulling together your design and advertising copy for your direct mail campaign. Cheesy headlines such as “FREE MONEY” or “GET RICH QUICK” are likely to find their way into the garbage simply because the overblown claims are not believable. Take time to create innovative copy that will stand out from the crowd. For example, purposefully underselling your service in a quirky way could have customers keen to find out more.

Involve Your Audience

One way to engage potential customers is to involve them in solving a riddle or answering a question. For example, you could use the outside of your envelope or one side of a postcard to pose a question related to the service you provide. When you indicate that the answer can be found in the letter inside or on the reverse of the postcard, you can entice the recipient to continue reading to find out more. Keep the brain teaser or riddle a little bit challenging and as interesting as possible for maximum effect.

Use Visuals to Engage Customers

Attractive and quirky visuals can engage customers more quickly than words. By using an unusual image or presenting a visual brainteaser, you can grab the recipient’s attention and have them keen to find out more about the products or services on offer.


The mailboxes of your customers are stuffed full of mail that is competing for their attention. By being creative and innovative, you can ensure that your direct mail reaches the top of their must-read pile.

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