8 Tips for a Successful Postcard Marketing Campaign

Postcards aren’t simply a traditional direct mail option; they’re an affordable marketing solution that allows businesses and organizations to convey essential information on a medium that is not likely to be overlooked. Postcards remain an effective direct marketing tool that can support your marketing campaign. If you are planning a direct mail campaign using postcards, be sure to keep the following tips in mind.

Use Eye-Catching Imagery

Boring images and an abundance of text aren’t likely to be very eye-catching when it comes to your postcard design. Instead, employ a glossy photo or bold images that will garner attention.

Use Both Sides

Using both sides of the postcard should be a no-brainer. Even if you are only sending a very basic message (Summer Sale), be sure to include relevant information like store hours or product lists in order to use up the space effectively.

Create an Actionable Message

Postcards don’t afford a lot of room, so be sure to employ a direct message that expresses what you want customers to do (i.e. use coupon offer or attend big sale).

By Multi-Faceted

A postcard is a great way to mail a special offer, but it’s also a good tool for building brand recognition. Be sure to include your business logo to accompany any special offers.

Opt for Oversized Postcards

Although standard-size postcards will be the more affordable option for your direct mail campaign, an oversize postcard is going to secure more attention.

Make It Personable

If your postcard looks like any other flyer with block print and numbers, it’s not going to stand out especially well. Create a personable message that stands out from the other direct mail for your postcard.

Include Contact Information

Even if you use small print, don’t forget to include essential contact information like a phone number, address, and website.

Make It a Keeper

If you can turn your postcard into a keepsake or transform it into something useful enough to pin to the fridge, you’re onto something. Many people will hang onto postcards with captivating artwork or photography (think about photographing a local site) or that conveys useful information such as a list of community resources with contact information.

Use these tips to drive your postcard marketing campaign. The internet certainly isn’t the only way to reach people; postcards continue to be effective tools in the hands of savvy marketers today.