The Latest Trends in Direct Mail Campaigns

Marketing is a fast-paced field that is characterized by change. Each year ushers in new ideas and trends that could become the driving force behind your next marketing campaign. Before planning your next direct mail initiative, be sure to keep some of the following trends in mind. They could enhance your campaign by improving response rates and helping you exceed your business goals.

Informational Content

In past years, direct mail campaigns have focused on “hard sale” techniques. However, research suggests that people respond more favorably to informational content. The sales element is still part of the approach, of course, but the shift to more informational material appears to be resonating with customers. When crafting your content, be sure that your sales pitches are supported by plenty of relevant information, which is what ultimately might sway customers to buy.


Target Your Audience

Many marketers already realize that a one-size-fits-all direct mail campaign isn’t likely to be as effective as a campaign designed for each niche of your target audience. It’s not surprising, after all, that marketers often appeal to businesses and residential customers using different materials, so why not employ that practice for different age demographics? You can use other factors to determine what materials you mail to the specific niches within your customer base.


Investing in data that allows you to personalize your direct mail campaign is a major trend going forward this year. Personalized marketing is already proving its worth online, but businesses that are applying similar personalization in their direct mail campaigns are witnessing increased response rates. If you already go through the trouble of targeting your audience, take that extra step by personalizing the material you send them. By including their name and even past purchases if you have that information, you can speak to them more directly to elicit a better response rate yourself.

Basic Design

What busy homeowner wants to read an essay about why they should buy your product? Too much text or too complicated a design and your marketing material is destined for the trash before it’s thoroughly examined. More than ever, marketers need to create basic messages with simple designs to appeal to customers who are sorting their mail. Keep sales pitches and informational content basic and streamlined to entice people to read.

Keep these trends in mind when designing your next direct mail campaign. Direct mail continues to be an important marketing platform. You can make the most of your investment in this platform by employing some of the best marketing practices relied upon today.